Mandy Karlowski


Junior FX Artist

FX Work

Ubisoft Prince of Persia - Dagger of time Trailer

2 Months

Personal Project - Crystal

Concept work - Colors of nature

Generalist work

Coca Cola Steampunk Coke

Student project


1886 — time of industrial­ization. Two men, one machine.
A spot that reveals the origin of ice-cold coke.

Screenplay, Director/DoP: Max Tsui
VFX Supervisor, Compositing, 3D: M. Chris Kerstan
Production Design: Elena Ellerbrok
Music: Christian Dellacher
Sound Design: Patrick Leuchter

Full Credits / Project Page (German):

Please Note
This spot is a film school’s submission. There exists no current or past affiliation to the Coca-Cola Company.

"King Julien" Visual Translation

RTL Backyard Eggs

1 month

Personal Project - CORVUS

Photography & editing


minimalistic animal portraits

My work is mostly inspired by architectural Fine Art photography. I love this idea and even more so to transfer it to animal portraits to give them this special minimalistic kind of look.

Doing so puts them into focus and really makes a statement. I’m always fascinated by their almost human-like expressions and majestic presence, and by playing with light and contrasts, there are great possibilities to capture their individual characters. Among others my work got published in magazines such as National Geographic, Pictures Magazine and LifePixel.